Mama Mia

Push Present Alert- if you don’t know what this is “google” it.
What can I say… Mama tired.  I am so sorry for being M.I.A.  I have recently been on three road trips and have decided- no mas.  My body hurts I am 8 months pregnant and scheduled for a C-section July 12th.  I have no time left and I am beginning to panic.  Baby boy is breached too.  This has not stopped me from finding extreme comfort in the items below.  First lets start with this trusty body pillow.  You don’t have to have the uterus the size of a soccer ball to want to wrap this u shaped pillow around you like a boa.  I am pretty sure 95% of the women who use them during pregnancy use them afterwards as well.  My apologies up front to husbands who like to snuggle like mine.  Next is Stella McCartney for kids-  my little precious has this outfit and the wings are detachable-  only problem is I better learn to sew because something tells me every ensemble will have wings. I do think this blue Herend elephant would be perfect for my little baby boys nursery.  It also comes in many other colors, so choose which one suits you best.  I have this Hatch Collection trench and I must say it is perfect in every way.  It is so cute while pregnant and I know with its amazing shape I will wear it constantly after baby Beau is born.  These Toms are perfect for my tired feet, the nautical inspired stitching is awesome and totally apropos for where I live.  These also cover my toesies when I have not been to get a pedi.  Which will be never after this baby is born.  These heart shaped Lalique necklaces are so beautiful and the perfect gift for a friend, sister or mother who is expecting.  They come in a variety of colors!  It can be hard to choose just one.  OK, guys I know you are thinking why the Louis Vuitton back pack purse, well I have decided I am going to bring it back.  Once I have two babies under the age of two, carrying a handbag is going to be super diffi.  SO, why not this?  I love it and I am getting it and I am going to be hands free and you are going to be jealous.  Unless you  jump on board and get one to.  I feel a trend coming on people.  This lipstick is called Saint Germain by MAC.  I know it resembles Zinc Oxide, but it looks beautiful on and off the beach and the nail polish is tres magnifique too.  I am buying a Little Giraffe robe for the hospital and afterwards.  I will be having a  c-section again and I found last time I was in a robe a majority of the after I got home recuperating and freaking out that I had a newborn.  These guys are kinda pricey, but 100% amazing and feel like warn butter being poured on you with each wear.  Lastly, how cute are these J. Crew ballet flats?For my Beau to be… I love just about anything that comes in a multitude of colors and these do not disappoint.  They are the easiest flats to throw on and go and they are no fuss.  I know for certain with all the above items you will be happy.  Let me know what you think.  I have baby brain,and cannot think anymore so I will go tinkle for the 8th time in 30 minutes.
God Speed,
Boy I love Toms and what about these is not to love?

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